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Album FIVE - Credits

All Songs written, arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rolf Ebitsch

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Whitehall Studio

All Leadvocals, Backvocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Drums, Grand Piano, Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Pump Organ, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Bells and Orchestral Arrangements by Rolf Ebitsch

Strings and Brass Orchestra: Lorena Schmidt, Volker Basler, Johannes and Robin Nikol, Alexander Schätzle.

Choir by Dusty, Beate Höckele, Barbara Schumpp, Karin Schmeh, Volker Basler, Michael Schaub.

© 2021 The Copyright in this sound recording is owned by Rolf Ebitsch under exclusive license to Whitehall Company.


Photography by Stefanie Waldera and Maren Prokopowitsch.


Now he’s out with a brand new fifth album in march 2021.

The sound of Rolf Ebitsch is compact and plausible, for example proofed with the single 'Alien'. Great melodies and rhythms that carry away build the basis for elaborate arrangements and the guitar covers all facets from soft and melodic to aggressive outbreak. It is an uncomparable atmosphere that characterizes the music of Rolf Ebitsch.

Since his childhood he has composed songs and recorded his first demos at the age of fourteen with Johannes Wohlleben in the Bauer Studio Stuttgart. Since Rolf Ebitsch was twelve he was standing on stage. The enourmous urge to gain a foothold in the home country of rock music then drove him to Great Britain.

In the studio area, the multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Rolf Ebitsch worked together with well-known persons like Mirek Stiles or Paul Hicks from the famous Beatles studio Abbey Road – the latter being also a private engineer of Sir Paul McCartney. In addition to that, there were recordings at the big Miloco Studios London and at Sterling Sound New York. In order to finish the recordings for the album 'One', of course he also cooperated with Tony Cousins from the London Metropolis Studios who mostly works with Robbie Williams and Richard Ashcroft.  

Again Rolf Ebitsch composed his new album 'FIVE' all by himself and he also wrote all the lyrics and produced it.
On this album Rolf Ebitsch further developed his impressive and individual voice and also his qualities as a songwriter.

„I am proud of this album“, reflects Rolf Ebitsch, „every song mirrors my soul and I turn my inside out. While recording the atmosphere in the studio was spiritual and I knew the direction each song would develop. And I just let my emotions and power flow “ Rolf Ebitsch explains, a blond working class guy from a small town.

He himself seems as rebellious and carrying away as his songs and his longitude to get and shout it all out is more than obvious. „I am producing an independent, ageless style. Rockmusic is an exciting medium to communicate, and I want to procure emotion and touch hearts with my lyrics and music.“ Rolf Ebitsch takes a sip of his beer, looks out the window and he seems to step into a different world. „What’s more important in the world than to make someone happy? And even if it is only for five minutes, when someone finds him- or herself in one of my songs.“ That is what seems to be his motivation, the wish to be giving something to other people by means of his music.

His statement to the new album 'FIVE' is: „I carry the musical influences of my youth in me and mingle them with everyday life experience from all of us. Today people get back and reorient themselves to writing, the power of words and to real feeling.“

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